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Baby Born at Train Station - Sisters Follow at Hospital

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One day a woman was waiting for a train at the train station. She was pregnant with triplets and was on her way to her doctor’s office. As she walked up the stairwell, she felt the first contractions start. She knew she was going to have the baby there. She could not wait for the train to take her to her doctor’s office.

A history teacher also happened to be at the train station. He rushed over to help her. He took off his shirt and caught the first baby as it was born. He used his shirt to wrap up the baby. The baby was a very tiny baby girl. She only weighed three pounds.

The man called the paramedics to come help the woman and take her to a hospital so that she could deliver the other two babies with the help of doctors and nurses.

When paramedics arrived, they rushed the baby to an Oakland hospital. They put the mother in another ambulance and took her to a different hospital so that she could deliver the other babies. The doctors delivered the babies by doing surgery on the mother. The other two babies were also little girls.

The babies were too young to be able to swallow their food, so doctors and nurses were feeding them through a special tube. The impatient babies and their mother are all doing well.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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