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President Asks People to Conserve Fuel

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President Bush asked many people to help with a big oil problem. He said that recent storms showed that we are not able to make enough gas and heating oil. The storms hurt some refineries that make gas and oil from crude oil.

The President wants everyone to conserve gas by not driving as much. He would like more people to use public transportation too. Doing this could really help.

President Bush said oil companies need to build new refineries. He believes that gas could cost more money because there is not enough to sell to everyone who wants it. The President wants everyone to be able to get the gas that they need.

The supply of gas has been hurt. President Bush said that he would open a supply of oil that is only for emergencies. He also said that companies would not have to follow some rules about what they put in the gasoline. Doing this should help to get gas where it is needed.

The hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast hurt our ability to make and ship gas. Oil companies shut down 16 refineries before the storm. It takes time to get them going again, even if they are not hurt by the storm. It takes more time to fix refineries that are damaged. The Gulf Coast supplies about one fourth of the oil and gas that the United States needs.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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