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County Gets Ready for Emergency

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San Joaquin County has flooded in the past. The people there know it could happen again. A person who works for the county says they are ready for the worst to happen. His name is Ron Baldwin. He is in charge of emergencies when they happen. He said that good organization is needed during a flood.

Stockton had a very bad flood a long time ago. Manteca had a flood emergency a few years ago. They are both towns in San Joaquin County. Mr. Baldwin is not worried if there is another flood. He thinks everything will be alright as long as everyone does a good job.

Mr. Baldwin believes the way California handles disasters is a good one. He also thinks it is up to local agencies to find out what is needed. They have to tell the state what supplies are necessary. They need tell the state where to send the supplies.

People need to know when there is an emergency. They need to be warned. People can be given warnings over the radio. They are also warned over the television.

Mr. Baldwin also said more work needs to be done in an emergency. One thing he is worried about is how to evacuate people from towns. People need to know where to go if they have to leave their homes. If people need to relocate there is no plan in place. There are warehouses that might be available. The state fairgrounds are another place for people to go.

He is going to try very hard to make a plan that works well.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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