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Polluting Cars

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Some cars do not run the way they should. Bad smoke from a car’s engine can get into the air. This bad smoke is called pollution.

Pollution turns the air a gray color. It is very dirty. It is not good for people to breathe this dirty air.

In order to keep pollution down the state makes cars take a test every two years. This test checks to make sure the cars do not pollute the air. If a car does not pass the test the owner cannot register it.

Some car owners drive their cars even though they cannot pass the test. This is against the law. It is also very bad for the air.

People wanted to find a way to get these cars off the road. A program was started that seems to be helping. This program buys cars that cannot pass the tests or will help pay for repairs.

In order to qualify for the program a car must be drivable and the owner cannot make over a certain amount of money. This program has been helping people by giving them money to help buy better cars or fixing their old ones. It has also been helping to cut down on pollution.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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