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Yosemite Car Ban

photograph from Services story

(before 2003)

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The people who run Yosemite National Park want to make some changes. They say there are too many cars in the park. Sometimes, no more people can fit into the park.

The cars, trucks, and campers cause many problems. The cars make too much noise. People cannot hear each other talk. The best view of Yosemite Falls is from the parking lot.

The new plan is to keep most cars out of the park. Some people come only for one day. They will have to leave their cars outside the park. They will have to ride buses into the park. Some people have reservations at hotels or campgrounds at Yosemite. They can bring in their cars, but they will have to leave them in the parking lot.

The new plan will include removing some roads. It will include removing bridges over the river. It will include making new paths for hiking and biking.

Floods last year hurt in the park in many ways. Congress wants the people who run Yosemite to fix up the park. But Congress does not want Yosemite like it was before the floods. They want it to be better.

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