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9,000 Year-Old Man Found

photograph from Science and Technology story

(before 2003)

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Someone found the bones of a man who died a very long time ago. The bones were found near a river in Washington. The government has taken them and many people want them back.

Native Americans think that the bones are from a man who used to be one of them. They want to bury the bones. They are angry because they can not do it right away.

A scientist says the bones looks more like a modern person than like a Native American. He says it looks like a bald person who is on television. Some people say the bones have a message for them. They do not understand it yet.

The scientist was surprised the bones looked like a modern person. It changed his way of thinking. He took the bones and found out how old they were. They are over 9,000 years old. They found a point from a spear in the bones.

No one knows what kind of person the bones came from. They do not know how the person ended up at the river. Scientists say the bones could help them answer these questions. They will not know the answers until they can get the bones.

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