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Fast Car

(before 2003)

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Years ago, Craig Breedlove set speed records. He raced across flat land made of salt. He went as fast as 600 miles per hour in his special car.

Now he wants to go the speed of sound. He has built a car with a jet engine. He will try to go 765 miles per hour on land.

He will ride in a five wheeled hot rod. It has a Navy jet engine. The last time he raced, two parachutes failed. He burned the brakes out in the car. Then he went through a telephone pole. He finally ended up in a salt water canal. He had to swim out of it.

Breedlove builds his car in a garage in the small town of Rio Vista, California. His wife Marilyn and the crew live with the project 24 hours a day. It has taken 23 years to get his idea made into a car. In early October, he will learn if his idea works.

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