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County Starts Using Electric Buses

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A city in California recently got some new buses. They cost $490,000 each. The new buses are different than the old ones.

These new buses are better for the environment. They are called hybrid buses. They run on diesel and electric power. This will help keep the air cleaner.

One bus driver said that the air smells much cleaner when he drives the new buses. He smells diesel all day when he drives the old ones.

The company that builds the buses had many good things to say about them. For example, they said that they use a lot less fuel. They also said that they are 90 percent cleaner for the environment. The buses are very quiet too.

The buses have a diesel engine in the back and batteries on top. When the engine starts-up it is powered by electricity. Then the diesel power takes over. The motor recharges the batteries.

Over time the city would like to replace all 50 of their buses with the new hybrid buses. They hope to do this over the next three years. The city has had help purchasing the buses with grant money.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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