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Companies Charged to Send E-Mail


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Junk e-mails are called “spam.” Often, “spam” is sent to a folder instead of going to a person’s mailbox on the computer. Lots of people like these folders because they do not like getting junk e-mail.

Many companies want to send messages to lots of people. They do not like their messages going into a “spam folder.” Two large Internet companies have come up with a way to make these companies happy.

The Internet companies have a plan. They will be able to make other companies happy while making some extra money for themselves. By paying a fee, companies will now be able to have their messages go to the person instead of the “spam folder.” This will allow them to get their e-mails read by lots of people.

Most junk e-mails are stopped by “spam filters.” But even if a company pays, their messages will go only to people who want to get them. Some big companies have already signed up. Experts think that banks and businesses will use the service.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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