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Lunar Real Estate

photograph from Money story

(before 2003)

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A business called Lunar Embassy is selling property on the moon. It sells 175 to 200 parcels a day. People pay $16.00 a parcel. They get a deed that says where their property is on the moon.

A treaty says that no country can own planets or moons. But it does not say that people cannot own planets or moons. The person who runs Lunar Embassy filed a paper that says he owns them all. He is selling property on the moon and Mars.

American astronauts have gone to the moon. They do not say they own it. One of them says you can buy a deed if you want, but all you will have is a piece of paper.

Some people have bought deeds to moon property. One says he will sell it if someone wants to buy it. One business bought many deeds to give to its customers.

Some people want to know if it is legal to sell deeds to lunar property. The Attorney General of California says it may be a scam. He does not know why anyone would want to buy land on Mars.

The owner of Lunar Embassy is making $3000 to $4000 a day. He has sold 11,000 parcels on the moon and 1,000 on Mars. He says that countries that explore in space will have to buy from him. Otherwise, they will be trespassers.

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