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Playground Completed Despite Rain

photograph from Housing story


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A very nice playground was built almost 15 years ago. It had slides, sandboxes and tunnels. Children who lived in the area liked to play there a lot. Then it was ruined. Someone burned it to the ground. Parents and children were very upset and sad. Many parents and neighbors hoped the playground would be rebuilt.

After the playground was destroyed, organizers got together to work on rebuilding the playground. They got new materials and were ready to rebuild. They chose a day on a weekend to start building so that people could help. The weekend they chose to rebuild was was not very good for working. It was raining. The organizers were worried that nobody would show up to help build the new playground.

Almost 400 people showed up to help! One woman said that she was very worried about the weather ruining their plans. She was extremely happy when she showed up and saw so many people there to help.

A little girl had said how nice the park used to be. Lots of children were sad when the park was burned down. She said that it was a fun park to play at.

Many people came out to help rebuild the playground. Bad weather did not stop volunteers from getting the work done. They are sure that they will finish the project on time.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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