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Nuclear Scientists

photograph from Health and Safety story

(before 2003)

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Russia and the United States decided to stop being enemies. They no longer wanted to blow each other up with bombs. Each side stopped making bombs.

The U.S. no longer tests nuclear weapons. There is not enough money to support making nuclear weapons. But the piles of nuclear weapons are still around. They need to be watched over to keep them safe.

The scientists who made the bombs still have a lot of their research information. They did not want to get rid of it. They decided to save it for others to use and learn from.

The men and women who invented nuclear weapons helped to create large bombs. By having so many large bombs, the countries who had them did not want to use them. All of the bombs would wipe out everyone on Earth. This knowledge is being kept by scientists across the U.S.

The nation's nuclear weapons labs are trying to save that knowledge. They are making video tapes of the men who built the weapons. The tapes will be where anyone can look at them. It will help answer questions for other scientists. They want everyone to remember what went right and wrong for future generations.

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