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Marijuana Proposition

photograph from Health and Safety story

(before 2003)

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People in California voted to let marijuana be used for people who were in pain. The proposition said that people who are sick or dying can smoke marijuana. The marijuana helps get rid of the pain.

Some people really wanted the proposition to pass. They were happy when it did. One person said that it shows how much people care about others who are sick and dying.

Now people in California can smoke marijuana if they are sick. They need to have a doctor say that it is okay first. The federal law still says that it is illegal. The two courts not agreeing causes a problem. California is getting ready to work it out in the courts.

The new laws allow almost anyone who is suffering to smoke marijuana. No written note from the doctor is needed to smoke it. The new law also says that it is legal to grow marijuana for medical use.

Police are worried. They think that some people might smoke it even if they are not sick. Others are scared that the new laws will hurt the war on drugs. Police say they will continue to make people follow the drug laws, including the illegal use of marijuana.

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