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Gun Control

photograph from Health and Safety story

(before 2003)

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Anyone who wants to buy a gun in California will have to wait for 2 weeks. Four people waited 15 days to buy guns. Then they robbed a store and shot 3 people.

Congress is now trying to pass a law that will make everyone wait to buy a gun. Many people do not want this law. Others are glad it might happen.

California has one of the longest waiting times for someone to buy a gun. A gun dealer said that this waiting time does not seem to do much good. He has not seen crime go away because of it.

One good thing that has happened with the waiting time to buy a gun is lower suicide rates. A lot of suicides are with a gun. In California, there are fewer suicides by gun than other places.

One reason to make people wait to buy a gun is to make sure the guns are not sold to criminals. Last year, this check stopped 2,400 guns from being sold to criminals. This check does not stop anyone else from buying a gun.

Many criminals buy guns on the street and not in a store. Some people think that a law like this will not do any good. But other people think that if only one person is stopped from getting a gun, then this law is worth it.

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