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Man Coughs Up Nail

photograph from Health and Safety story


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In 1970, a man was mowing his lawn. He felt a pain in his throat. He saw a little bit of blood. The man said that he was not too worried, but a few hours later it really started to hurt.

The next day, the man said that it felt like he had a hot knife cutting him when he coughed. He also had a high fever. His family rushed him to the hospital. The doctors found a small nail that had embedded itself in the man’s rib cage.

Doctors gave the man some medicine to help fight an infection. They said that he should be okay. They thought that the nail would seal itself off in his body. They did not think that he needed surgery to remove the nail.

More than 35 years after the incident, doctors saw the nail again in the man’s body. The nail was no longer in his rib cage. It was now in his lung. Doctors decided that the nail needed to be removed. They made the 84- year old man an appointment to have it taken out.

Before the day of the appointment, the man was brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He said that he felt a tickle in his throat. He started coughing. The nail popped right out.

Doctors said that the man is doing fine. They do not think that the nail caused any damage to his health.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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