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Officers May Be Required to Workout


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One city has a very fit group of police officers. Each officer is required to spend one hour in the department gym before each shift. It is said that most of the officers do not mind keeping in shape as part of their duties.

This city’s police chief said that his officers are in great shape. He thinks that their policy of working out has also attracted some excellent recruits. He believes that this program has done a lot for his police force. The officers are in much better shape. He said that the work ethic has improved too.

One man wants this kind of program for all California police officers. He would like to have $10 million. With the money he wants to create a voluntary fitness program for police officers. Not everyone thinks that this is money well spent.

This man believes that the program would actually save money. He says that millions of dollars would be saved in medical costs. He also thinks that money spent on disability payments would go down too.

People who are against the program do not think that taxes should be raised to pay for the program.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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