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Burning Wood Bad for the Air

photograph from Health and Safety story


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A panel of government officials is worried. The air quality in some areas is not good. The air is polluted with soot. The officials worry that the air is harmful to the people who breathe the air. They are experts. They study the environment. They discuss ways to stop the air pollution. The panel decided to make some changes to the law.

The new plan places strict limits on how much soot can be released into the air. Now, a measurement of 65 parts of soot is considered safe. The new plan would reduce that number to 30. The daily limit of pollution in the air would be cut in half.

These new standards would affect industry. The limits would also affect people who own wood stoves and fireplaces. The county will keep track of the air quality every day. People would be required to stop burning wood when the levels are high. They could also install a kind of special fireplace. These fireplaces burn very little wood. They do not pollute the air as much. Some counties will punish families who violate the ban. They will have to pay a fine for not complying with the law.

Some states do not have much industry. Their pollution problem is not too bad. They would still have to regulate how much pollution is released into the air. The experts hope that this ban will help keep the air cleaner.

Before the plan becomes a law the public will have a chance to comment on it. Citizens will have ninety days to ask questions and voice concerns about the plan. Then it will become a law.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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