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Cancer Center Announces Expansion

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Cancer is a serious disease. Adults and children can get cancer. The cancer center treats many patients each year. More and more people in California need cancer treatment. Scientists are trying to find new ways to treat cancer. They also want to help cancer patients learn about the disease.

A cancer center in Davis wants to expand. The center wants to offer treatment and research to patients. It also wants to add a special hospital. This special hospital is for children with cancer. More space is needed. More money is needed, too.

A woman lost her son to cancer. He was only five years old when he died. She wants to do something to help other children with cancer. She wants more research to be done so other children won’t get sick. One thing she can do is donate money to the cancer center. She donated a large sum of money to help treat children with cancer.

It will be an expensive project. The woman’s donation will help, but much more money is needed. A local university will provide some of the money. The rest of the money will be donated by local people. They expect that it will take two years to raise the rest of the needed funds.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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