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Lawmakers Pass a Drug Bill

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The state Senate approved a bill for the governor to sign on Thursday. The creators of the bill want to stop student athletes from using drugs.

The bill is called Senate Bill 37. It was introduced last year by a senator from San Francisco. If the governor signs the bill, it becomes a law. The new law would make student athletes sign a promise. The students would promise not to use drugs called steroids.

Steroids make some athletes faster and stronger. But, they are bad for the body. Part of the bill requires that high school coaches be trained. Coaches and their athletes would be taught about the dangers of steroids.

A bill similar to Senate Bill 37 was sent to the governor last year. The governor did not sign the other bill.

Many high schools are in favor of the bill. They are teaching their coaches about drugs. Their students have to sign an agreement not to use drugs.

An agency in charge of the rules for high school sports is also in favor of the bill. They think many students use steroids. The agency has told high schools to do what the bill says by 2008.

Sheldon High School began to teach athletes and coaches about drugs. The high school also requires signed promises from players. The players must promise not to take drugs. The Sheldon High football coach thinks the bill is a good idea for the athletes.

Many other high schools are doing the same thing. They want to raise awareness about steriods. If athletes learn about the drugs, they will know that they are bad for their bodies. People hope that this bill will help end drug use.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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