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photograph from Health and Safety story

(before 2003)

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AIDS is a disease that kills people. It is caused by a germ. It is spread by sharing drug needles or having sex. All people are at risk. A person with AIDS can get sick in different ways. Half of the people who have gotten AIDS have died. There is no cure, but you can protect yourself from getting the disease.

You can avoid AIDS by knowing your sex partner well. Talk to them about it and ask them personal questions about themselves. Do not have sex with a person who has had the virus or used needles for drugs. Sex is safest if you and your partner are AIDS-free and only have sex with each other. Always use proper protection during sex.

Another way to avoid AIDS is to never share needles. If you must share, always clean the needle and the syringe to kill the AIDS virus. Doing without drugs will lower your risk of getting AIDS.

AIDS is not spread by everyday contact. You do not get AIDS from food, sneezing, telephones, social kissing, toilets, hugging, swimming pools or giving blood.

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