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Kid Safety

(before 2003)

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Children are curious. Sometimes, they are too curious! This can lead to injuries. Many childhood injuries can be avoided if adults are careful and know how to keep kids safe.

Here are some important things to know about safety:

Always make sure children are safe in a car by having them ride in a car seat. Older children should always wear a seatbelt when they are a passenger. Be a good example to your child by always wearing your seatbelt.

Install smoke detectors in your home. Put them in the hallway outside of bedrooms and on each floor. Smoke detectors make a loud noise if smoke is present in the air. Make sure your children know what the sound means. Talk to them about what to do in case of a fire.

Burns can occur in the kitchen. Whenever you can, cook on the back burners of your stove. Turn the handles in toward the wall. Always keep hot liquids away from the edge of the stove or table.

Swimming pools are a common site of childhood drownings. However, children can drown in much smaller bodies of water, such as bathtubs, buckets, basins and toilets. All of these can be a safety hazard. Adults must always watch carefully when children are playing in or near the water.

Many people keep chemicals, cleaners and medicines in the kitchen and bathroom. Cleaners and medicines should be stored in a safe, locked place so that children cannot reach them.

Kids love to ride bikes, but they should always wear a helmet. Small children should wear helmets if they ride on the back of an adult’s bicycle. If they fall, a helmet will help protect their brain.

It is also important to make sure babies are safe when they are sleeping. Babies can get their heads stuck in the slats of a crib. This could cause an injury to the baby’s head and neck. To be safe, make sure the slats on a baby’s crib are less than 2 3/8 inches apart.

Safety is important. Knowing how to keep children safe in your home is a great way to show kids how much you care about them.