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Computers in the Classroom

photograph from School story

(before 2003)

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Kids are going all over the world without ever leaving their school. They are using their computers. A school in California could be the most wired school in America. They are wired to the Internet through their computers.

Thirty students are able to use the Internet every day. The kids are between the grades of kindergarten and fifth grade. The teacher says that it is hard to get them away from the computers. They do not even want to go to recess.

Internet has opened the world to many people. Now students can go to any library on earth. They can get information. They can visit a child in another country.

Laura Bacon likes to visit with other students. She's going to Peggy's page. Peggy is a school student in London, England. She put her own home page on the Internet. It includes pictures of Peggy, her school, her mom, dad and friends. You can send her mail, too.

A scientist helped to wire the school. He says, "There is a plan to connect 12 thousand California schools to the Internet."

Wiring schools in California can cost a lot of money. It needs to be done on volunteer effort or schools will not be able to afford it. They think that it will cost as much as fifty billion dollars.

Some people say that the money should be spent on teachers instead of computers. Some people say that it would be worth it to wire all of the classrooms.

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