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Student on Trial for Changing Grades

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A young man is fighting to stay out of trouble. Authorities believe that he changed many grades through a computer when he was in high school a year ago. This 19 year old faces 98 felony counts.

The young man’s attorney says that his client is innocent. He also says that he has alibis for most of the dates when the crimes were committed. The school was broken into five times and the computer was used to change grades. The young man claims that he was with people other places during those times.

As many as 84 grades were changed for at least 38 students. Administrators and prosecutors believe that this young man changed nine of his own grades but also changed others to cover his tracks. The attorney argued that lots of students had access to the classroom key and also knew the password needed to change grades.

This young man already had good grades. His attorney says that he would not need to change them. His overall grade point average was 3.76. Administrators said that these grades were not good enough to get into the college of his choice. That is why they think he did it.

Two other people that were suspected of being involved in the crime blamed this young man. He says that he is innocent. He has to go to court to see who the judge believes.

The young man was allowed to graduate from high school but could not go through ceremonies. He has now finished his first year in college.

Authorities say that they are pursuing this case because they believe that the financial aid he got was under false pretense. His transcripts were not good enough without his grades being changed.

He could be sentenced to the California Youth Authority until he is 21 if he is found guilty. This is the first case that has gone to trial.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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