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Too Many Students Enroll in Summer School


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The Elk Grove High School has a problem. In that school district, too many students showed up for summer school classes. Teachers were scrambling to register the students for classes. There wasn’t room for all of the students. It was a very busy first day of summer school.

Many different subjects are taught during summer school. On the first morning, the school suddenly realized they had a problem. They didn’t have enough teachers for all of the classes. Students want to take many different subjects in summer school. These subjects include math, English, science and gym. The subjects that the school can offer depend on how many teachers they have. Teachers are not required to teach during the summer. Some teachers want to earn some extra money. They teach summer school.

School officials did not expect so many students to show up for summer school. About three thousand kids arrived on the first morning. Many more students were not enrolled. They showed up anyway. The extra students surprised the principal.

Many students spent four hours in the school gym. They were waiting to be assigned classes. This made many of the students unhappy. One student suggested that some students should go to a different school. He was concerned that he wouldn’t get his classes. A mother was angry that her son didn’t get the classes that he registered for. She said that he enrolled three months ago. Instead of history, her son was enrolled in gym. Her son was happy about it, however. He knew that he wouldn’t have any homework! His mother wants a better system for summer school. She said that the schools are new. They have new technology. They should have a more efficient plan.

Students take summer school classes for many reasons. Some are trying to improve a grade. Some are preparing to take a special exam. Students must pass this exam to graduate from high school. The exam is a new requirement for graduation in California. Many of the students needed these summer school classes in order to graduate. They were out of luck.

Next year, the district wants to improve their summer school system. They will consider offering summer school classes at each school site.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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