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Many Student Athletes Hurt Playing Football

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Some parents worry about their kids playing sports. Many of them wonder if football is too dangerous. At least two young football players have recently been hurt very badly.

Football is a contact sport. Football players can get hurt. One college football player said that he has had four or five concussions. He also said that getting hurt is one of the risks players have to take.

A football coach said that players can be taught how to play safe. Playing safe can minimize the risk of injury. Practice and good instruction are very important. The coach also said that life-threatening injuries are rare.

Sometimes children are seriously hurt while playing a sport. They have to be taken to the hospital. Football is not the sport that sends most kids to the hospital. Kids that are hurt while playing basketball are sent to the hospital more often than those playing football. People can get hurt playing almost any sport.

At least half of all sports injuries to children happen during practice, not games. Therefore, it is important to always play safe.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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