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Kids In Jail - A New Plan

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When young people break the law they are put into a special kind of jail. These jails are for juveniles. Juveniles are people who are young.

It can be very dangerous in these jails. Sometimes the juveniles hurt each other when they are there. Some of the young people even kill themselves. Many adults want the violence in jail to stop.

A group of people think that there is a better way to help the juveniles in jail. They want to put small groups of them in settings that are more like homes. They think that this will help the the young people learn and stay safe.

When juveniles are in these special homes they can get help. Counselors can talk to them about crime and try to teach them that it is bad. Hopefully this will help the young people make better choices when they leave.

Some states have already tried this plan. They say that it has worked. A group of people want to try it in California.

Other people do not think that the homes are a good idea. They are worried that the violent juveniles will be let go and that they will break the law again. These people want anyone who breaks the law to be punished and put in jail.

One man that was in jail when he was young said that he learned bad things there. He was not taught how to make good decisions. He said that he only learned how to become more violent. He does not think jails help juveniles at all.

There are many young people in jail. Adults need to decide how best to help them. Most of the juveniles that are put in jail will break the law again when they are let go. Some people think that by putting them in small group homes it will help the kids become better people.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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