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School Tries Longer Day for Kids

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One school district is trying something new. They are changing the amount of time their kindergarteners are in school. Many kindergarten classes are only three and a half hours long each day. This district is having their kindergarteners stay for five hours each day. The district will try this for a while to see if it works well or not.

Teachers hope that this extra time will give students a chance to learn more. Teachers want their kindergarteners to be able to read and do simple math problems before they go into first grade. They think that this extra time in class will help the students.

Some school districts already have these longer days. Some schools still have the shorter days. This district wants to try the longer days to see if it will help their students become better prepared for first grade.

One parent thinks that her son is doing very well. She said that his writing really improved once his school day got longer. She even said that his attention got better too.

Some people think that a full day of kindergarten is too long for such young children. They believe that the kids get too tired. They do not think that kindergarteners should be in school for so long.

This school district is just trying out a longer day for kindergarteners. They want to see how much they can teach the children in the longer day. They also want to see if it is too difficult for the kids to be there for an extra hour and a half. They will decide later if they continue with the longer days or go back to the way it was.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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