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Governor Wants Kids to Eat Healthy

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Many people are concerned about the health of children in this country. One big problem is that children are becoming more overweight. Being overweight is a problem that costs money. People are less productive when they weigh too much. They also have more health issues when they are overweight.

One thing that makes people overweight is eating too much junk food. Chips, candy and sugary snacks are called junk food. Junk food is not healthy for people. It can make them overweight. Most junk food contains too much fat and sugar. When children have too much fat and sugar in their diets, they can become overweight or even obese.
Teenagers and children eat a lot of junk food. Some studies say that teenagers drink soda every day and eat too much fast food. They also eat a lot of junk food.

The governor of California wants children to be healthier. He held a special summit meeting to talk about the problem. He invited several other health groups, as well as children. He talked to the children about staying healthy. He asked them to exercise more and to stay away from junk food. The governor also took a walk with the children. We wanted to show them that exercise can be fun. He asked the students for a commitment to stay healthy.

The governor also signed a new law. It limits the sale of junk food and soda in school cafeterias. Lawmakers hope that this new law will stop children from eating so much junk food. They hope this will help make children healthier in the state.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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