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Money Helps Teachers

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(before 2003)

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Students have to take tests every year to see how much they are learning. Some schools do not do very well on these tests. It can be hard for teachers to see their students not do well.

Many teachers at these low-performing schools get frustrated and quit. Some of them leave to teach at schools where scores are usually higher. Other teachers look for jobs at schools that pay more money.

The leader of California recently signed a bill that he hopes will help struggling schools. The bill will give money to teachers who take classes to learn more about teaching. They will also get more money if they teach in the low-performing schools.

If a teacher is able to make test scores better he might get a bonus. This means that he would get extra money for doing a great job. People hope that this will make teachers want to teach in schools that are not doing as well as others.

The governor of California wants to help low-performing schools do better on these tests. Teachers are needed to help this happen. Many people hope that this extra money will make teachers want to teach at these schools.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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