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Video Games

photograph from Family story

(before 2003)

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There are many kinds of computer games. Some games let you shoot a gun at people on the screen. If a body is hit, blood and body parts come off the body. Another game shows a monster eating a person.

In another game, many of the pictures show violence. Some pictures show women with very little clothes on. The people who make the games are worried that these kinds of games are not good for people to play.

One game company wants less violence in the computer games. They want their games to not have women shown without much clothing.

Some people think that the violence in the games is like growing up. Some boys like to fight and they will use the computer to pretend to fight.

These games were made by young men. The violence and sex are put in the game for boys. But what about girls? Girls need to be comfortable with computers so they can use them when they grow up.

Most computer games are not violent. Playing computer games help kids to get involved with computers. The problem now is to get girls to learn computers while they are still young.

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