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School Deal

photograph from Family story

(before 2003)

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There is a district that takes care of many schools. They make decisions for lots of people. One decision they made was not liked by all of the people.

In some of their schools, they sell drinks. These are soft drinks that are sold from a machine. This district wanted to have Pepsi Cola the only soft drink in these machines.

The district knows that the selling of soft drinks will bring in a lot of money for them. They also will sell bottled water. The machines will also have fruit juices.

But some parents do not like the plan. They think that ads will be allowed in the schools. They also think that students who drink the soft drinks will not be very healthy. They are worried that the drinks have too much sugar and no good calories.

Both sides want to keep talking about it. They are getting together to study the problem more. The district will switch from Coca Cola to Pepsi Cola very soon.

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