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Ruling by the Courts

photograph from Family story

(before 2003)

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The Supreme Court said that a federal law was against the Constitution. That law tried to keep children from bad things on the Internet. The Constitution says that it is okay to say anything you want. The new law would put limits on free speech.

Some people are happy that the Supreme Court said the law was against the Constitution. They say it is an important victory for free speech. They say there are already ways to stop children from seeing bad things on the Internet. One parent said that kids should be open to everything.

Other people are unhappy about what the Supreme Court said. They say that children need to be kept away from some things on the Internet. They say that laws are needed to do that. A mother was worried for her children because of what might be put on the Internet.

The people who want a law to stop showing bad things to children on the Internet will try again. They will try to write a law that is not against the Constitution. The president will call a meeting to talk about it.

There are already laws that say you cannot show or say bad things on TV and radio. People say that you cannot send these things over the Internet either. The Supreme Court said that these laws are not against the Constitution.

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