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Poison Proof Your Home

photograph from Family story

(before 2003)

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Many poisoning accidents happen with children between the ages of one to five years. Poison injures many children each year. Almost all childhood poisonings are caused by not storing things safely.

Medicines, paint, cleaners, bug spray, and car products are dangerous to children. Other items are dangerous too.

It is bad when these products are put in places that a child can get to easily. If small children live in or visit your home, poison proof your home today. You can prevent poisonings by following some simple steps.

Remove household cleaning products from under the sink. Lock them in a sturdy cabinet. Keep all cleaners and household products out of reach. Put things like medicines, sprays, and powders in a locked cabinet. Make sure all medicine bottles have safety caps. Keep all products in their original containers. Keep ashtrays empty and cleaned. Use child-safety latches on all cabinets a child can reach. Do not leave a child and a poison alone even for a second.

If you are not sure if a child has swallowed poison, you should call a doctor! It is better to be safe than to let a child suffer.

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