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Memorial Bells

(before 2003)

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A memorial was put up in California. The memorial was to honor a small boy. The boy was killed. His family was on vacation in Italy when it happened.

When the boy died his parents donated his body parts. The body parts helped save 7 people living in Italy. The people in Italy were very happy. They wanted to thank the boy’s family in some way. They sent 130 bells to them.

The bells reminded the family of all the love the people in Italy had for them and their dead son. An artist made a memorial from the bells. It is 18 feet high. It was placed by the ocean. When the wind blows it makes the bells ring.

The parents want the memorial to be a comfort for anyone who visits. The father still remembers how special his son was. He hopes people will keep giving body parts to those that need them. He wants to keep sharing the love that his son had.

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