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Police Officer Delivers Own Baby

photograph from Family story


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A man named Dustin Smith is a police officer. He has been a police officer in Sacramento for 12 years. He has handled many emergencies as an officer. Recently he had to deal with a very special emergency.

This officer has a wife named Natasha. She was pregnant with their third child. They wanted their baby to be delivered at a hospital. The couple could not make it in time.

Natasha went into labor. It was time to drive to the hospital where their doctor works. They did not have enough time to make it there. They decided to go to a closer hospital. They hoped that they could make it there before the baby was born.

They could not make it. Natasha told her husband to pull the car over. She was having the baby.

Officer Smith pulled over and turned on his car's hazard lights. He quickly took off his shirt to help deliver his baby. He said, "By the time I took off my shirt, the baby's head was there. It happened quickly."

Officer Smith delivered his baby. Then he drove the family to the hospital. He was very happy.

Officer Smith was taught how to deliver babies as part of his police officer training. He had never delivered a baby before. He is very glad that he paid attention to the training film that he was shown.

The baby is healthy and is now at home with her family.

Officer Smith plans on showing the baby where he delivered her when she is old enough. He says he will drive over the bridge and tell her, "Right here is where you were born."

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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