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Family Costs are Increasing

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Many people live in California. They have to pay more and more to live there. It is hard for them to make enough money to live. A new study says that basic costs are going up quickly. Workers cannot keep up with the rising costs.

A group found that families must make $51,177 per year to live in there. That is $24.60 per hour. That barely pays for housing, food, taxes, and other expenses.

The Bay Area is the most expensive area. A family of four needs to earn $79,946 to pay basic needs. The state says that people who earn $20,000 are very poor. In the Bay Area, a family needs to earn four times that amount to live.

Families need to understand these numbers. Some people are thinking about how much money a family needs. They also think about what jobs people should get. Then they can know how much money they need to support a family.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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