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Company Offers Eye Care to Hurricane Victims

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A business is giving a big gift to people who lost their homes after Hurricane Katrina. The company is called VSP, and will give hurricane victims $15 million worth of free eye care services.

Roger Valine is the man who runs VSP. He thought many people who lived where the hurricane hit had lost their glasses in the rush to leave their flooded homes. "It made me think, what can we do?" said Valine.

Roger Valine quickly came up with a plan. The company has already given out 23,000 certificates for free eye exams and glasses. That is about half of what VSP plans to give.

VSP is the largest eye care company in the country. The people who work there are not surprised that VSP wants to help these victims. They say it is a nice place to work.

The victims who are being helped by VSP are very grateful. One school nurse says that with VSP’s help, two children have gotten glasses that they need. Many people are being helped by this company.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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