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Kidnapping Alert

photograph from Family story

(before 2003)

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Sometimes children are kidnapped. Kidnapping is like stealing a child. It is important that kidnapped children are found and brought home as soon as possible.

The sooner the public knows about a kidnapping the sooner they might be able to help. Some people decided to start a program that would alert the public about kidnappings right away. This program is called Care Alert.

The Care Alert program gives television and radio stations important information about a recently kidnapped child. These stations will then tell the public what happened in hopes that someone might be able to help. Anyone that may have seen something about the kidnapping could then call the police.

Sometimes one parent of a child kidnaps his or her own child. These kidnappings are not usually used in the Care Alert program. The Care Alert program is only used when a stranger has taken a child.

When a child is kidnapped he is in a lot of danger. It is very important to find him as soon as possible. It is hoped that this new Care Alert program will save children’s lives.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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