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California Governor Pulls Investments from Other Country

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The governor of California signed a law. The law says that California retirement funds can not spend money in a country called Sudan. The law also states that schools can not invest money or make money in that country.

Companies help countries by investing in them. They give them money so that they can buy the things they need. The country grows and makes more money and gives money back to the companies. Investing is usually a very good thing. The country gets help and the company makes money.

Sudan is a very large country in Africa and most of the people there are very poor. Right now there is a war going on in Sudan. Many people are being killed. Companies that invest in Sudan could be profiting from the war. That would be wrong.

There are many people in California that wish the war in Sudan would stop. They encouraged the governor of California to sign the new law. They think that if everyone stopped investing in Sudan that would make the leaders of that country stop the war.

Many people are being killed in Sudan and many others have lost their homes. There are so many people being killed that leaders of other countries are calling the war "genocide". Genocide means that a political or racial group is being destroyed.

Genocide is the term that was also used for all of the innocent people killed in World War II. People at that time were killed because of their religion. That period in time is also known as the Holocaust. People today do not want that to happen again. They do not want another Holocaust to happen in Sudan.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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