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Abortion Pill

photograph from Law and Government story

(before 2003)

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Women living in France can have an abortion with a pill. The pill is called RU486. It makes having an abortion easy and without surgery. Women in America do not have access to this pill.

A congresswoman sent a letter. She thinks that women should be able to get the pill in the United States. Another person thinks that American women should not have it.

Some people worry about the new pill. They think it might teach people that abortion is no big deal. It will be harder to understand abortion if it is done with a pill.

Some doctors think that this pill is safe. A group of California doctors is working to get the pill approved.

Another doctor said that abortion is legal in California. He said science can make it safer for women. He wants to study the pill in California.

No one knows when the pill will be available to women in the United States. It is clear that many women want the choice.

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