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Tip Leads to Arrest

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A man who works at a motel helped police solve a crime. He thought that some guests at the motel were acting suspicious. He called the police and told them what he saw.

The worker noticed that some of the guests seemed to be acting unusual. They paid cash for their rooms. They looked nervous. They were also carrying some large items with cords on them to the rooms. He thought that they were microwaves. He suspected that the guests were probably doing something illegal.

The motel employee believed that the guests might be making drugs. He called the police. The police investigated. They realized that one of the men was recently let out of jail, so they decided to search the rooms.

When police searched the rooms they found that there was something bad going on. They found illegal drugs and stolen items.

Police made a list of everything that they found in the motel rooms. They learned that many of the items in the rooms had been stolen from doctors in the area. Some of the things that they found were checkbooks, personal papers, passports, and jewelry.

One woman was arrested for having the stolen items. Police are still looking for two other men and another woman that were seen taking items into the rooms.

The worker at the motel was happy to help solve the crime. He likes what he does for a living. He does not want people doing illegal things where he works.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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