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Couple Says They are Guilty

photograph from Law and Government story


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A woman bought some chili at a fast food restaurant. She and her husband put a finger in the bowl of chili after she bought it. The husband got the finger from a friend. The friend got his finger cut off in an accident at work.

The couple accused the restaurant of selling bad food. They said the chili had the finger in it when they bought it. Then the couple tried to get money. They tried to sue the restaurant.

The police found out that the husband and wife were lying. The couple was arrested and went to jail. They were charged with making a false claim and attempting to steal money. They decided to tell the judge they were guilty before their trial started.

The restaurant says that they lost a lot of money. They say it is because of the lies the couple told. People did not want to buy food from the restaurant when news of the finger spread. The restaurant blames the couple for the loss of money.

A judge will decide how much time the couple will spend in jail. Both could be spending a lot of time in prison.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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