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Electoral College

photograph from Law and Government story

(before 2003)

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There is an election in the United States. Every four years, people vote for someone to be their president. The person running for president is called a candidate. There are usually two or three candidates for each election.

Each state counts up how many votes each candidate gets. Each state also picks people to help choose a candidate for that state. This group of people is called the electoral college.

No one can be the president until the electoral college meets and votes for one candidate. The people in this group are very important. They are picked by other candidates to make the right choice.

One of the people chosen for the electoral college is the wife of a state candidate. He wanted to make sure his family got a chance to choose a president. She will get together with other members of the electoral college and vote for one candidate. Since one candidate won more votes than the other, the electoral college will vote for that person.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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