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A New City

photograph from Law and Government story

(before 2003)

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A growing area recently became its own city. Many people who live there are very excited. They hope that this will give them the power to make some changes for the better in their neighborhoods.

One of the first things that many people would like to do is build new parks. Before this area became a city it was hard to do things like that. Now people who live in the city can decide what they would like to do and raise the money to do it.

The city’s first mayor and four new council members were sworn in. They met and had a celebration. They discussed what changes they would like to see for their new city.

One change that many people want to see is better police protection. In the past this area had to depend on nearby police officers to patrol their neighborhoods. Having its own police department should make the area a safer place to live.

This area has doubled in size in the past ten years. It is expected to grow much more over the next twenty years. People are going to see many changes in this new city during those years.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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