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Tuna and Dolphins

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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Dolphins swim with other fish. Many are found trapped and killed in tuna nets. A company that cans tuna will not use any tuna captured with dolphins.

Finding tuna is hard to do. They hide in the shadows. For years, fishermen would find them by looking for dolphins. Then they would throw out their nets and pull in any fish caught in the net.

Some people are very mad that all those dolphins are being killed. They are not buying the cans of tuna at the store.The company who sells the tuna will make sure no dolphins are killed when they get the tuna.

Fishermen will get help from the canning company. They will help change the way they catch the tuna. A person on each ship will check to see if any dolphins were killed.

About 26 boats will have to change the way they fish for tuna. People buying the new cans of tuna will have to pay more money. But this change will save the lives of many dolphins.

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