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Timber or Trees

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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There are many trees in America. The trees have many uses. They provide many things to the area where they grow. Trees are also cut down to make many things for people to use.

People who cut down trees are mad. Many of them lost their jobs because they could not cut down any more trees. Some people want all the trees to grow and not be cut down.

Some people get together to make the National Forest Service stop the logging companies from cutting down trees. The logging companies get together to make the National Forest Service let them cut the trees down. The National Forest Service is trying to let all the American people use the national forests.

The people with the most money can tell the forest service to allow the cutting to be done. Even when scientists say that cutting the trees down would hurt the forest and the animals, they still cut the trees down. Anybody who does not like that idea is not listened to.

Some parts of the forests have been overcut. Too many trees have been taken away. Other parts have been stopped from being cut. When this happens, many people lose their jobs. The biggest problem is deciding what should be done with all of the trees.

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