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Save the Forest

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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A change is coming in the forest. Scientists are trying to make the logging companies stop clear cutting. We have to protect the fish, wildlife, and water quality. They have value, too. The forest is a beautiful place that people should be able to enjoy.

It changes everything when the all the trees are cut. The trees, animals, and water depend on each other. Many plants and animals disappear. The water level in the ground changes. It can even affect our climate.

This does not mean some of the trees cannot be cut. It just means all the trees in one place cannot be cut at one time. It means that you plant new trees when the old ones are cut. When trees are cut in this way, the land does not erode. The streams do not fill with dirt and the animals are not destroyed.

The industry is beginning to cut trees this way. They are leaving many dead trees so small animals will have homes. They are leaving many trees alone to give shade and shelter for animals. This also means that the forest's trees are not all the same kind. This seems very import to the survival of the forests.

Both the loggers and the forest scientists are trying to agree on things. They have to balance the lumber we need with the forest's protection. A good rule seems to be not to cut more than you grow each year.

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