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Nature Sounds

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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Burney Crouss went to school to study the sounds of nature. For 20 years he has recorded the sounds animals make. He has recordings of animal sounds from all over the world.

Burney has made a record of animal songs. It all began when he took some of the sounds and put them together. Last year, he put together a song he called "Jungle Shoes." It turned out great.

Burney makes the music by taking part of his animal noises and saving them on a computer. He makes each sound play when a key is pressed. Then he asks other musicians to play the keys into songs.

Burney believes in working to save nature. He thinks that more people need to take care of our world. The sounds of nature are quickly disappearing.

When he recorded whales in Alaska, he could hear the sound of oil well drilling from fifteen to twenty miles away. It was very loud. He says his goal is to save nature sounds so his children will be able to hear them.

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