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Milk Prices

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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The price of milk may be going up. There was not enough rain in some parts of the country last year. The bad weather may mean that a gallon of milk will cost 41-cents more after October 1.

A California court wants to keep the cost down. California already has high milk prices. The court does not want the cost to go any higher.

High milk prices will be very hard for some people. Families with many children buy a lot of milk. The poor and older people without much money will also be hurt by higher prices.

The court said that more milk from other states can be sold in California. The price of milk from other states might not be as high. Some states got enough rain so their cost did not go up.

People will buy the cheaper milk. This will make all the milk sellers lower their prices. If they do not, their milk will not sell.

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