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Wild Horses Killed

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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More than 450 wild horses have been killed in Nevada. Some people say it is worse than when all the buffaloes were killed. Many of the horses were shot while running.

The land they were on belongs to the government. Twenty-eight thousand horses share the land with six million cattle. Cattlemen say the horses are crowding the cattle out. One rancher said that there is a range war going on. Both the cattle and the horses need the water and grass that is on the land.

The law protects wild horses. The president of the Nevada cattleman group also helps to protect the horses. He says that he does not like what is happening to the horses, but he does want the government to help keep the number of horses low.

Some people think the Navy used the wild horses for target practice. Pilots fly over the area where the horses were found. The horses were found far from the nearest road. The killings happened over a large area. It has been happening for the last two years. The Navy said that they do not let their pilots kill horses.

Some people think that the horses should be gotten rid of. Others think that they should stay. In the meantime, the police will try to figure out who did it.

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